Writing / Speaking


When it comes to the world of, nature and future of work, I don’t think it could be a more fascinating time to be in this space.

The digital revolution has, in many ways, been as profound as the first industrial revolution – and we’re only just beginning to realise it.

The world of work is changing. Education is changing. We’re, quite rightly, asking tougher questions. Does it have to be like this? Are we forgetting what it’s like to be human? Why is careers advice so bad? Why can company culture be so damaging? Why doesn’t work work better?

Data is, at least, helping us shape better answers (or know where to look for them), just as neuroscience is helping us get a better understanding of the psychology of work.

But we still don’t make enough space to talk about work – or to delve deeper into what’s really going on.

Through my blog (pokingthecage.com), commissioned interviews, articles and public speaking events, my aim is to broaden, deepen and elevate the conversation; to share my fascination with the nature of work, and to help others think about what it means, and can really do, for them.

My early career training as a copywriter gave me a great grounding in making sense of ideas (and desired actions) through words. Having since written pretty much everything from scripts to white papers, lyrics to articles, if you need words, I’ve never at a loss for them (see some CREATIVE SAMPLES here).